Early Life

Dr. Jagdish Mitra Pahwa (J. M. Pahwa) was born on July 4, 1922 in Multan (Now Pakistan). His parents name was Dr. Bal Kishan Pahwa and Shrimati Kesar Bai. Dr. J. M. Pahwa was the second eldest child. He had one elder sister and 3 younger sisters and one younger brother

Shrimati Kesar Bai

Dr. B. K. Pahwa migrated from Multan to Delhi during the partition of Indian subcontinent between India and Pakistan in 1947. He lived in Dehradun from 1947 till 1948. He died in Meerut in 1948.Dr. J. M. Pahwa was 26 years old when his father died. He took the responsibility of his family and moved to Sitapur in April 1949 where he stayed till December 31, 1973.