Professional Work

Professional Work

October 1 1990 – Death (October 2001)
Director, Sundrani Eye Hospital, 172 Baluganj Agra on 1st October 1990.

January 1974 – October 1990
He joined Gandhi Eye Hospital, Aligarh on 1st January 1974 as its Chief Medical Officer and Director, School of Optometry and Orthoptics, which posts he held till 1st October 1990.

April 1949 – December 1973
He worked as an ophthalmic surgeon in Sitapur Eye Hospital since April 1949 and then as Professor and Deputy Director of Nehru Institute of Ophthalmology till December 31, 1973 in Sitapur.  He along with Dr. M.P. Mehrey was responsible for bringing up the reputation of that institution.He specialized himself in the subjects of Retino-Vitreous and Squint, etc. and arranged several National workshops and Symposiums both in Sitapur and Aligarh on these subjects.

President: Professional Societies

1982-83 President: U.P. Ophthalmological Conference
1980-81 President: All India Ophthalmological Society
1980 President: National Society for Prevention of Blindness (UP Branch)
1976-78 President: Indian Medical Association, Aligarh
1975-76 President: Voluntary Health Organization (V.H.O.) for 2 years
1972-73 President: All India Strabismological Society
1968-69 President: Madras State Ophthalmological Conference


He has been Honorary Ophthalmic Surgeon to the two Presidents of India – H.E.Sanjeeva Reddy and H.E. Zail Singh.

Dr. Pahwa with President of India H.E. Zail Singh

He has been Ophthalmic Advisor to the U.P. Government from 1981 to 1989.

He was Ophthalmic Advisor to Armed Forces for 3 years 1973 – 1976.

He was the Honorary Director of Ophthalmic Glass Factory, Durgapur for 5 years appointed by the Government of India.

He has been on the Expert Committee of Indian Council of Medical Research for several years and a member of the Committee on Nutritional Blind of Royal Commonwealth Society for the Blind (Sight Savers).

He has been member of several scientific and other bodies and member of various committees particularly Swaminathan Committee for Blindness Eradication Programme appointed by Government of India.

Invited Visiting Professor in various Medical Colleges and Conferences

He was invited as Guest Speaker and Chairman at various National & International Conferences.
He was invited to give Sir Lakshmi Swamy Mudaliar Endowment Lectures by Madras University
He was invited as a visiting Professor at P.G.I. Chandigarh
He was invited as a visiting Professor Medical college Simla, Gwalior, Rohtak and Armed Forces Medical College at Puna.
He was invited as Guest Speaker by Bihar M.P. & A.P. Ophthalmic Societies.


1970 Dr. Narayan Rao Oration Gold Medal by All India Ophthalmological Society, Patna
1973 Padam Shri: Government of India
1976 Dr. B. C. Roy National Award
1976 Dr. Mohanlal Oration Medal
1978 Dr. P. Siva Reddy Oration Gold Medal By Andhra Pradesh Ophthalmological Society
1985 Alpaiwalla Award by National Association for the Blind, Bombay
1985 Agra Rattna Award by Cultural and Academic Society, Agra
1988 Dr. M.P. Mehrey Award By U.P. Government – Award given by the Chief Minister Narain Dutt Tiwari
1990 Honored by International Myopia Research Foundation (USA) at their annual conference held in Singapore in June 1990
1990 Honored by National Society for Prevention of Blindness (NSPB), New Delhi
1992 Honored by Lion Governor Gopal Naraian Mehrotra for his meritorious services rendered in the Sight First program on March 1st, 1992 in Lucknow
1994 Honored by Punjabi Association, Agra in November 1994 for his meritorious services
1998 Honored by Rotary by Rotary club, Agra and Red Cross Society, Agra
1998 Vijai Shri Award by International Friendship Society
2004 Posthumously: Life Time Achievement Award given by All India Ophthalmic Society

Dr. Pahwa receiving Padam Shri award from President of India V.V. Giri in 1973

Dr. Pahwa receiving Alpaiwalla award in 1985

Other Professional Work

1 Chief Investigator of Research Project for 4 years under PL 480 Scheme ‘Eales Disease and its Treatment by Photo-coagulation with Dr. W. Richard of San Francisco (USA)
2 Member of the Ophthalmological Experts Group, Indian Council of Medical Research from 1968 – 1972.
3 Convener for Ophthalmological in the National Board Examinations under the auspices of National Academy of Medical Sciences for several years.
4 Guest Speaker, Madhya Pradesh Ophthalmic Conference in Rewa in November, 1976 and Gwalior Medical College March 28 – 29, 1977.
5 Invited as an Expert for the selection of the post of Professor of Ophthalmology at Rajendra Prasad Center for Ophthalmic Sciences, A.I.I.M.S., New Delhi.  Has been member of National Committee for Eradication of Blindness appointed by Government of India for several years.
6 Has been member of Review Committee for Rajendra Prasad Center (A.I.I.M.S.) New Delhi by Government of India.
7 Invited to attend the 1st Global Intraocular lens implant workshop held in Hyderabad from 3rd to 5th January 1982 and act as Moderator
8 Member of the working group constituted by Government of India for the implementation of National Program for the Eradication of Blindness & Chairman of one of the sub-group, under the Chairmanship of Padam Bhushan Swami Nathan.
9 Invited to participate in the International Conference on “Prevention of Blindness’ held in Washington D.C. (USA) from October 24 – 28, 1982
10 Appointed as one of the members of the High Level Advisory Committee of R.C.S.B. (Royal Commonwealth Society – Sight Savers) for Prevention of Blindness Malnutrition in Children Program.
11 Presented Keynote address & honored at the Delhi Ophthalmology Society meeting held in New Delhi March 1997.
12 Achievement Award by American Biographical Institute USA 1998
13 Honored by Helpage India at Kanpur in October 1998
14 Honored by IMA Agra at WHO day April 7, 1999
15 Honored by Red Cross Society Agra in May 1998